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TRAP- A- ROACH-HOY HOY is a roach trap which does not use any insecticides but a simple devise which folds to a “Mini House” trap

  • Simple to use and disposable
  • Marvelously effective with a special food bait that lures roaches
  • Clean and no lingering odor
  • More Powerful catch with special Foot Mat
  • Absorbs oil and water completely off roaches feet for stronger stickiness
  • Roof height is adjustable in two ways
  • Usable vertically in high roof position
  • Wavy glued surface catches more roaches
How to Use
  • Separate a Foot Mat and stick it on the designated place of “ Mini House”
  • Peel off the paper covering the glue toward the arrow
  • Carefully take out the bag (special bait) from the polyethylene pack and place it in the center of the coated surface
  • Set the “Mini House” close alongside the wall and avoid direct sunlight
  • For the best result, set a number of “Mini House” in different place
  • Move the “Mini House” if no roaches are trapped in a few days after setting it, which indicates of no infestation in that particular area
  • The “Mini House” stay effective 3 – 4 weeks after being peeled off
  • Just fold up the “Mini House” and throw it into the garbage when it is filled with roaches
Keep away from the reach of children



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